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Jim Osterwise (D.C.)

Jim Osterwise (Doctor of Chiropractic) graduated from Parker Chiropractic University in Dallas, Texas, United States in 1992 where he later served on the Alumni board for four years and one year as president. He then served on the Board of trustees for one year.

Jim was greatly influenced by an older chiropractor that he met when he was 24, Dr Chester Miller, at that time was 88 years old, still seeing 10-12 people per day, 7 days a week. He specialized in a low-force technique that involved no " twisting, popping or cracking" yet achieved incredible results. This soon became Jim's choice of work and technique.

He practiced in Texas for 17 years working with all from newborn babies, 12 and 17 hours old, to world Olympic gymnasts, to the sweet little 94 year old lady who rolled her car over.

He then moved to the middle east and practiced in Jordon for four years where he was the only practicing Doctor of Chiropractic. He served on a committee in the Ministry of Health working to get chiropractors licensed as " Primary Care Providers" just as the World Health Organization (WHO) considers the profession.

Then in November of 2013, Jim relocated here to Malaysia to begin his next venture.

Jim believes in the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic. And that the three cannot be separated from each other. His philosophical belief is " The power that made the body, heals the body." We can take medications that alter the symptoms, but healing comes within. Our job is to move the bone, get the pressure off the nerve and give the body the potential to heal itself.


Mission Statement:

To Serve, Heal, Love and Educate,

with proper Intent,

For all the Good of ALL.

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